A floater

I took the kids for their first swimming lesson of the term yesterday. I have a ‘no swimming lessons during the winter’ policy because frankly life’s too short to be heaving tights up small damp legs when it’s cold. Still, spring has sprung so the time to make the mad dash from school to Richmond Baths once a week, weighed down by changes of clothes, towels and enough snacks to feed a pack of Scouts, like a stressed pack horse, has come again. Children have to be able to swim, a mantra which I repeat through gritted teeth while trying to find enough loose change to feed into the exorbitant meters every week.

Anyway, of my two children, so far  it’s seeming like Lily might be the one with the sport gene. She loves all sports, has never been scared of getting amongst the boys when playing football and thrives on a bit of competition. Her lesson was first and went without a hitch. After we left Freddie poolside while we went to get her showered and changed. When I say we left him poolside I do mean with a teacher obviously and with about eight floats on each arm, wearing goggles and generally looking like, give or take a bit of lard, he was ready for a channel crossing at the very least.

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