Episode 2 of Super Busy Chicks

Here is the second episode of my new web based show SUPER BUSY CHICKS. Each week me and a couple of friendsĀ  give a few tips on food, fashion and fun. I’d love you to have a look and if you like it please spread the word! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pY1Y6c8FvI&list=UUV3HgcU7v84r2oJM-NvNUKA&feature=plcp

First Episode of Super Busy Chicks

Hi Y’all, So, here is the first ever episode of Super Busy Chicks, an online show I’ve been working on with Caroline Mili Artiss, who’s an amazing chef and Claire Stuart, a gorgeous fashionista and presenter. Each show is designed to be watched whenever you have a ten/fifteen minute break in your day and simply … Read more