A thought about Magazines on World Mental Health Day

It’s World Mental Health Day today so I thought I’d say this. If you have a second please study this picture of some so called ‘women’s magazines.’ Now let’s play a game. It’s called find something positive, affirming and supportive written about any of the women on the covers that isn’t either commenting negatively, passive … Read more

How Chezza has taught us all a lesson

At this stage, despite endless press speculation, why Cheryl Cole got sacked from American X  Factor still remains a bit of a mystery. All we are sure of is that something, somewhere along the line, has gone horribly  wrong.

For the last few years her image has been golden, and that’s despite having been married to ‘morals of a snake’ Ashley, buying his and hers Hummers, that National Lottery advert and getting involved in a controversial fight with a toilet attendant with subsequent accusations of racism.

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