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How to be a Woman

This week I read Caitlin Moran’s book ‘How to be a Woman’ and experienced what can only be described as an epiphany. Without being overly dramatic, reading it provided me with a monumental feeling of relief, akin to the one you get when you’ve sat in a steam room too long then finally emerge back into oxygen laden air and can BREATHE again. Let me tell you why.

The book is about Caitlin Moran’s life and her views on what it is to be a woman, the main message being that we all need to reclaim the word ‘feminist’. For too long it’s meaning has been muddied with negativity and as a result has become associated with women who are anti men, who don’t laugh much, tackle only serious political issues and wear bad clothes. What Moran is saying is that we have to remember that all being a feminist really means is that women should be equal to men, and that’s it. Interestingly she also makes it very clear that some of the most strident feminists she knows are men; in particular her husband who taught her the very definition of what feminism should be ‘Everyone being polite to each other.Continue Reading →


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Being a Celebrity PA


Years ago I wrote a piece for The Observer newspaper about being a PA to a celebrity, a job I had for a short while back in 2002. (I repeat, 2002, that’s not me on the left, just a random image I chose to illustrate this blog piece with. Anyway, I digress…)

I suppose writing the article was a way of testing the waters to see whether or not people would respond to the subject matter. At the time I was heavily ensconced in writing ‘Me and Miss M’, my novel based very loosely on my own experiences, about a girl who worked for a nightmare actress as her PA. As a result I was very glad when the piece did indeed elicit a great response from all sorts of people who had suffered at the hands of a terrible boss. This  gave me the encouragement I needed to continue with my book. Continue Reading →